Pony (Ryan Stasik) is hosting the most outrageous activity of the year that we are putting a community outreach twist on, giddy up! We all have those piles of clothes we want to donate to the Salvation Army, right? Well, here’s your chance to wear them once more and then donate to a local Jamaican charity. Don't miss this on Saturday night in the Disco.

Here are the rules of Swapapolooza 09’
1.  Grab your “give-away” outfits and pack them in your bag. On Saturday night late night, put them on and head to the Disco.
2.  Every 30 minutes, a siren or a horn will go off signaling a “swapping session.” Each person swaps an article of clothing with the person (he or she) next to them.
4.  The next day, we will provide bins at the Cloud 9 Customer Service desks at each resorts. Donate these and any other clothes and we will deliver to a local charity for those in need.

Caribbean Holidaze Chanukah Celebration

Start Chanukah in style with the entire Caribbean Holidaze J-Team Family as we gather on the beach to light the Chanukah Menorah for the first night of Chanukah, listen to Chanukah music (Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song, Klezmer Music, etc...) over the main stage PA, eat Chanukah Latkah's made from Aaron Magner's Bubbi's receipe, and play a dreidel game like never seen before ($10 buy in, winner takes all). As we all know Chanukah gifts can be anything from socks to a Wii, so we encourge eveyone to bring a wrapped Chanukah gift with them for the gift exchange!!! You never know what you'll walk away with.

Steel This Drum - Workshop with Allen and Kris

Be privy to what could become a legendarily influential steel drum workshop as Allen Aucoin and Kris Myers are instructed on steeling the drum by pro Jamaican Steel Drummers! Yah mon.

Beer Pong Tournament

You asked for it, so we are delivering it! Show your skills at the table as we introduce the first ever Official Holidaze Beer Pong Tournament. Our guest host will tell you how to register as we get closer to the event, get your game together now!

This is just one of the many activities we will be announcing in the coming months. Most of them will be "come on, come all" but in the case that you need to sign up, we will.

Marly Tour with Brownie

Back by popular demand, Brownie will be your chaperone on the Marley Tour on Friday at high noon! Head into the Jamaican mountains to the birthplace of Bob Marley, where the real heart of Jamaica beats. Here you will stand on Mount Zion Rock where Marley meditated and dreamed of melodies that enliven the soul. Because this excursion is so popular, we are holding a pre-sale. The cost is $85 + the Music Today service fees. Tickets are limited and are on sale now right here. Don't wait to secure your spot!

Tennis, Golf, & Poker Tournaments require sign up to participate

to sign up for these activities, click here.

3rd Annual Caribbean Holidaze Tennis Tournament!

Get ready for the 3rd Annual Caribbean Holidaze Tennis Tournament! Bring your A-game and see if you've got what it takes!

3rd Annual Caribbean Holidaze Golf Tourney!

Back by popular demand, the 3rd Annual Caribbean Holidaze Golf Tourney! Here's your chance to hit the greens with members of Umphrey's McGee. This beloved activity takes golfers to the friendliest course in the world and is always an unforgettable experience!

Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament with Jon Gutwillig

High stakes poker tournament at Breezes.  Get the bands to pay you, for once ;)


Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes
Are you a big pimpin' playa looking to score? Are you ready to serve it up like you know Anna Kournikova secretly wants to?

Ladies: keep the guys diving for the nets with brightly colored tops and sexy short tennis skirts!

Guys: Lob one out to the ladies and pull out those argyle sweater-vests and pimpin' knee socks...and don't forget those oh-so-fashionable culottes! Keep your eye out for star appearances by Richie Tenenbaum, Chevy Chase, Tiger Woods and Billie Jean King!

Jamaica Heritage Day
Oh to feel the Jamaican sand under our toes once more! Jamaica is truly a place of happiness and togetherness and this year we will bring back the ever-popular Jamaican Heritage theme night . Last year’s Heritage night included a tremendous Jamaican Steel Drum performance with live Jamaican break dancers that kicked up the heat at set break. When the performance closed in a draw-dropping crescendo, not a word was uttered (a hard feet with this crowd!) and, after a few seconds, every person simultaneously rose and cheered in awe. This year is sure to equal the performance, as we revel in Jamaican jerk chicken, Rastafarian tricolored headbands, and, yes, more surprises!

Here's a look back at last year's activities

Water Volleyball Showdown at Breezes

Umphrey's McGee Golf Tournament

Community Outreach w/ Toubab Krewe and the Windsor Girls Home

Rump Shakin' with the Hedo Dancers

Limbo w/ Toubab Krewe

Steel Drum Spectacular

Autograph Signings

Mystic Mountain Zip Line and Bobsled Tour

Here's a look back at activities from the first Caribbean Holidaze, December 2007

Doubles Tennis Tournament with Brendan Bayliss

Water Volleyball Smackdown at Breezes

Zion Bus Line/Marley Museum Tour with Marc Brownstein

Table Tennis Tournament with The Duo

Gift Exchange with Santa Toast & Holly Hanukkah