Caribbean Holidaze Rate Card

All Rooms Rates are per person based on double occupancy

There will be a limited amount of triple occupancy rooms available, please call 561-368-8922 for availability and booking options.

Hedonism III
$945 Gardenview Au Naturel
$1095 Poolview
$1145 Poolfront
$1245 Oceanfront
$1295 Oceanfront Au Naturel
$1595 Gardenview Au Naturel Suite
$1645 Oceanfront Suite
$1695 Oceanfront Au Naturel Suite

There is a $35 ticket processing
fee per person

Breezes Runaway Bay
$995 Standard
$1045 Deluxe
$1095 Premium
$1195 Luxury
$1345 Oceanfront
$1495 Plunge Pool Veranda Suite
$1745 One Bedroom Deluxe Suite
$1845 Plunge Pool Oceanfront
Veranda Suite
$1895 Plunge Pool Oceanfront One Bedroom Suite

Book a Room

What do I need to book a room?

In order to book a room you will need the following important information:

  • Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Credit Card
You must be at least 18 years of age to attend.



Referral Program

We know once everyone returned from Caribbean Holidaze, they told all their friends that they HAD to come with them next year. Are we right? We know that you are our greatest assets when it comes to spreading the word about our magical event. We want to reward you!

Here are some incentives to refer as many friends as you can. It's easy:

• You get a $50 cash referral bonus for each NEW Caribbean Holidaze guest referred by you
• You must have attended one of our previous Caribbean Holidaze’s in order to refer someone and get credit for it
• The person you are referring cannot be in your room, they have to be in a separate room
• You can only pick up your cash incentive on site, so you must attend the event. We will let you know how to pick it up
Your name MUST be entered by the new guest at the time of booking - NO EXCEPTIONS
• You can refer as many new people as you want, this is a FAMILY AFFAIR

Flying solo? Don't miss out on all the action just because you want to travel alone. The Caribbean Holidaze Singles Program matches you up with other music lovers (based on gender). You are only responsible for the per-person fares and fees of the room. Please be aware that Single spaces may not be purchased online! Call Michele at 561 368 8922 to confirm a spot in the Singles Program.

Booking Timeline

February 4, 2009   Pre-Booking

• Beginning at 12:00 PM ET Caribbean Holidaze Pre-Booking will begin. At this time, you will be able to access our pre-book login and reserve your spot to choose a room at either Hedonism III or Breezes.

• A deposit of $250.00 per person is required to process your pre-book. This deposit will go towards the balance of your room.

• When we begin to process pre-books, we will first allow those in category 1 to finish the booking process for their rooms in the chronological order they were received. Once that is complete, we will process all those who fall into category 2 in the same fashion.

April 20-24, 2009   Booking

We will be sending out “tokens” to all of our pre-bookers via e-mail. This token is a unique code that will allow you to access the booking pages to complete your reservation. Your token will go live at a specific date and time within the pre-book processing period depending on your category and time of booking. Beginning at the time your token goes live, you will be able to choose any of the available rooms that are left in the inventory. If by April you have not received your token, please be sure to contact us at Cloud 9 Travel as soon as possible.

April 27, 2009   General On-Sale

Whatever rooms are still available (if any!) will go on sale to the general public. Since this is such a special event we anticipate a sell out of both resorts during the pre-book period, so don't wait!

Payment Schedule and Fees

Upon making reservation
Initial $250.00 per person deposit due
July 10, 2009
50% of remaining balance due
September 10, 2009
Full remaining balance due

Come Early, Stay Late!

We realize that 4 days in beautiful Jamaica may not be enough for some of our fans. For this reason, Cloud 9 Adventures is offering a special rate for those guests who want to add a few extra days to their stay at each resort. You have the option of adding up to four additional days to your stay for $189.00 a night per person. These rates are available for December 8, 9, and 14, 15. Take advantage of this special rate to enjoy a few extra days and all of the resorts' super-inclusive accommodations! These nights are not refundable.

One person in your room will be considered the lead guest. The lead guest will be responsible for receiving all communications, selecting the room at the time of booking, and making sure all payments are made in a timely manner.

The lead guest will be whoever provides the above listed information during the pre-book process.

If you can't nail down your roommate at the time of booking, that's ok. The lead guest can still book a room and add additional guests later. A $35 processing fee will be applied to both guests at the time of booking.

Be advised that even if you can't find a roommate, once you book a room as lead guest you are on the hook for the full room fare (rooms are double occupancy, so that's the price listed on the rate card times 2).

We at Caribbean Holidaze offer and HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you consider travel insurance for your trip. Because of the nature and uniqueness of our event we have a strict cancellation policy.

Cancellations and Transfers

The passenger that places the reservation for Caribbean Holidaze is the "lead" guest and is the "owner" of the reservation. They must agree and initiate any changes in the reservation.

All cancellations and reservation changes must be done in writing and sent to:
Cloud 9 Adventures Travel
405 SE Mizner Blvd
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Telephone: (561) 368-8922
Fax: (561) 368-8923
email the travel department

Any cancellation or reservation changes will be assessed a $75 fee once the reservation is confirmed.

Complimentary name changes will be accepted until August 6, 2009. All name additions and changes made after this date will be subject to the name change fee of $75 per person. After October 8, 2009, all name changes will be subject to a $125 name change fee per person.

December 1, 2009 will be the LAST DAY to submit name changes and add extended days to your reservation for the event. After December 2, 2009, you will NOT be able to change your reservation! We suggest buying travel insurance in case you are not able to attend Caribbean Holidaze.

If you Cancel:

Prior to July 10, 2009
Refund of $250/person deposit (minus $75 per person administrative fee)

Prior to September 10, 2009
75% refund (minus $75 per person administrative fee)

Prior to October 2, 2009
50% refund (minus $75 per person administrative fee)

After October 2, 2009

The date that such written notice of cancellation is received will determine the applicable cancellation fees per the above schedule. No exceptions will be made.

There will not be any refunds given for those who do not show up on time, unused tickets, or cancellations received after October 2nd or after the start of Caribbean Holidaze.